Valentines for All Stages of Your Relationship

As Valentine’s Day nears (dun dun dun….), the stress of what to get a significant other definitely weighs on the heart. The solve? A card. Thoughtful, sweet and not too much. However, let’s be real, most drug stores only carry sappy and over-the-top options. Below, find Valentines for all stages of your relationship, from a fling to a “I don’t know where we stand” to a soulmate.

CaptureWhen your parents like your significant other more than you (via

CaptureWhen you like them so much that you literally can’t play it cool any longer

21When you’re on the same page and have one thing on the brain (via SiouxAlice)

bffWhen you’re single AF and need to remind your BFF who’s #1 in your life

alwaysWhen you know it’s the real deal (via

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