SHH – My Spring Makeup Secrets Revealed!

SHH – My Spring Makeup Secrets Revealed!

IMG_0226IMG_0228[Photo Credit: Zack Perl, The Bacyard Studio]

Like anything else, my makeup routine changes from year to year and season to season, but lately there have been a few tricks up my sleeve that I’m not yet ready to part with. As we enter summer, I’ve been really into pink and nude hues, as well as highlighters and shimmer. I’m all about creating a “glowy” look lately. Check out my go-to tips and tricks below.

  • Do without the “cat-eye”– I have a secret! I haven’t used eyeliner in months. Hard to believe, right? Since I have really small eyes, I got in the habit of using liquid liner to elongate them by sporting a cat-eye look. Eventually, I started to realize my eyes actually looked a lot bigger when I stopped wearing liner altogether and started using natural looking false lashes instead (Tip: you can get a pair of lashes for as cheap at $3 at your nearest drugstore). If you want a more permanent solution and don’t mind making the investment, you can get lash extensions (I’ve been getting mine done at The Lash Loft and am obsessed, highly recommended).
  • Save the smoky eye for the winter or nighttime – Now that I’m going for this “no liner” look, I also decided to tone it back on my eye shadow. I wasn’t a huge shadow person to begin with, but would apply more of a smoky look for a night out. However, let’s face it, smoky eyes are great from time to time, but they are way too harsh for an everyday look. I love lining my lids with shimmery nudes and tans. I’m most recently obsessed with my Charlotte Tilburry Luxury Palette in “The Golden Goddess” shade.
  • Highlight your cheeks – I’ve gotten in the habit of apply highlighter or illuminator on the very top of my checkbones and up/around the edges of my eyes. By doing this, the goal is to emphasize your bone structure and get that glowy look.
  • Go for a nude or pink lip – I’ve been opting for a nude lip-look since the winter, but now that the weather is warming up a bit, I’ve incorporated some pink into the mix (Tip: mix pink and nude lipsticks together for the best of both worlds and a soft pink look). My current favorites are:

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