Get My Look: Stripes for Summer

Get My Look: Stripes for Summer


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So by now, everyone and I mean everyone should know the stripe rule. If you don’t, please listen carefully. There’s an old “tale” about how to wear stripes in a flattering way. Legend has it that horizontal (across) stripes can make you look much bigger than you actually are. However, vertical (up & down) stripes are known to make you look taller and even leaner. Is there truth to this? Know one really knows. I guess it’s up to you to decided how you feel in striped ensembles. For me, I choose to stick to it. I can’t risk a fashion fail…

So when I came across these B&W striped flare pants, I knew they needed to be mine. Who  doesn’t want #LegsForDays?! While I couldn’t link to the actual pair, you can mimic my look for less (linked above). Plus, how cute are these barely-there pumps?


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