How Do You Label Your Title as an Influencer?

How Do You Label Your Title as an Influencer?

Sometimes when I’m on a first date or just chumming it up with a stranger and they ask me what I do, I don’t really know how to answer. Sure, I say I’m a publicist, but I’m also an “influencer,” so I can’t leave that part of my life out.

However, saying you’re an influencer just sounds thirsty AF because there’s SO MUCH MORE that we do than the title allows people to think of (you all know how I feel about the misconceptions surrounding influencers. If you don’t, check out this past post that explains my thoughts).

So that leads me to my point. How do I (and others like me) explain what we do to strangers that entails all that we really do. Sure, we can say we’re content creators, but that’s super ambiguous. Saying you’re an entrepreneur sounds pretentious and so cliche millennial. I don’t really want to say I’m a blogger because that also minimizes what I do (plus, so much of my stuff is social-based vs. blog-based). So what do I say? How do I articulate all that I do within one concise title?

I wish I had advice to give because I know a lot of us have this question, but I’m more so interested in hearing your thoughts on this one. Usually I’m the one giving the advice, but here I am asking for it! I’ve asked many fellow influencer friends about this very same topic and they all agree that there isn’t really a word or title to define what it is that we do. So, with that said, I’d love to start an open dialogue around this, so we can all hopefully come up with something.


  • Founder
  • Digital Influencer (sounds a bit better than social influencer in my opinion)
  • Creator
  • CEO

I’m out of ideas… time for your input! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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