TUTORIAL: Old Hollywood Glam Curls

TUTORIAL: Old Hollywood Glam Curls

Are you wanting to switch up your ‘do? How about trying something reminiscent of the ’40s? Nothing is more glamorous than old Hollywood glam curls and I’ve figured out a quick & easy way to achieve the look. Check out my tutorial below, plus my step by step instructions.

  1. Section off your hair
  2. Starting with the bottom layer, use a wand (the smaller wand, the tighter curl) to curl your hair away from your face
  3. Before moving to the top layer of your hair, be sure to part it in a deep side part (on whichever side your prefer)
  4. Continue curling the top section of your hair away from your face
  5. When you get to the front of your hair near your face, section off a 3-4 inch patch  on the side with more hair
  6. Separate this portion of hair into smaller sections (I did two as seen in the video) and curl your hair inward and towards your face
  7. As you remove the curling iron, keep your hair into a curl and secure it with a bobby-pin
  8. Continue until the entire section is done, bobby-pinning it down along the way
  9. Grab hairspray (I swear by this hairspray) and set the look
  10. Continue on with your routine while the curls sit pinned up (do your makeup, watch some TV, etc.)
  11. Around 15-30 minutes later, unpin your front pieces and use your hands to smooth out the curls
  12. Finish off your look with some hairspray & you’re ready to go!

Do you find this helpful? Still have some questions? Let me know by commenting below and I’d be happy to answer them. Would love to see before and after photos if you’re trying this!



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