Best Gender Neutral Gifts of 2017

Best Gender Neutral Gifts of 2017

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the grab bag gift game that my family plays on Christmas day. There’s about 12-15 of us (including my extended family) and we battle it out to “win” the best gift. I could get into the rules, but I’ll save that for another post. Anyway, the catch is that the gift has to be a gender and age neutral. As such, I’m always picking my brain trying to think of what to get. What can my sister possible like that my 60 year old uncle would ALSO like?!

However, stocking up on gender neutral gifts during the holidays isn’t a bad idea. Need to give your boss something last minute? Going to someone’s house for a holiday party and don’t want to go empty handed? Keep a gender neutral gift on hand to have as an option. See my selects below!



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