What Do You Want Me to Write About in 2018?

What Do You Want Me to Write About in 2018?

It’s halfway through January and this is my first blog post of the year.

I used to look forward to writing blog posts because it’s extremely therapeutic to have a creative outlet where you can dictate conversation and let your thoughts flow. However, as my blog has become more of a business vs. a hobby, I’ve found myself writing less and less. Why?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. For one, Brand’s care less and less about blog posts because Instagram is at it’s peak and that’s where users spend most of their time looking for new Brands and making purchases. So why would they commission bloggers to craft a long-form post when majority of their audiences are on Instagram and want quick/visual content? It’s a valid point and I get it, especially as a publicist first. In all honestly, I rarely click onto people’s blogs to read their posts. Like most of us, I stick with Instagram because it’s “easy” and everything is in one place.

Secondly, video and even podcasts have become such a large part of our culture that it just feels more appealing to watch or listen to something vs. read something. I can also relate to this, especially as someone who can at times have the attention span of a gnat. Plus, with things like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, you can basically tell the same narrative, just through a different vertical.

So here is my challenge and the question that I pose to myself in 2018 – How do I stay motivated to continue to create blog content, while also sparking my followers interest enough to read what I’m writing? This answer may seem obvious, but it’s the only one I can come up with that feels “right” to me – I need to write about things that matter and are timely. However, I don’t love to get political or controversial on my blog because it’s supposed to be a light and uplifting space vs. a dark and gloomy one.  So I somehow need to find the balance between talking about relevant things, while still keeping it positive.

What do you guys think? What kind of content would make you want to read someone’s blog? Do I need to get more personal? Do you want me to divulge on tips & tricks? Travel itineraries? You guys inspire me, so let me know and I will do just that – get inspired to write more.


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