The World’s Most Flattering Swimsuit

The World’s Most Flattering Swimsuit

I can’t get enough of my new Coco Reef swimsuit (pictured above), so I wanted to share why and also link to it for you guys to get your own!

First of all, you guys know I’m a curvy girl (I’m talking DD’s over here) and it can be really hard to find swimsuits that fit right. What I love about this brand is that you can pick the tops by cup size, which allows for so much comfort and a perfect fit. Also, the top I’m wearing in the above photo can be tied multiple ways, so you can wear it a few times, but styled differently to trick people into thinking it’s an entirely different suit. As for the bottoms, I chose to go with the high-waisted bottoms because, #flattering. Again, they were super comfortable.



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