Get My Look: Long Denim Coat & OTK Boots

I received so many questions about this long denim coat, so want to take the time to link to some similar items! I saw this beaut in the Zara window and bought it on a whim. Like everything else at Zara, items sell out super fast, so I was unable to link the exact one, but did my best to find similar options! To get this look, all you need to do is buy a plain tshirt dress and pair it with some OTK boots and denim jacket.

Get the look here:

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you’re getting a gift for your boo thang or your bff, call me cupid because I’ve got you covered. Just in time for the loved up holiday, low and behold my 2017 Valentine’s Day gift guide (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). Shop items for your boy-toy, #WCW and even your Galentine below!

Gifts for Your Boy-toy:
From lounge-wear to electronics, you’ll be sure to snag something for your beloved. If you want to treat him to something sexy, shop some of my picks below for yourself! 

Gifts for Your #WCW:
For all of my male readers – I’m here to help you out! Trust me when I say, your lady will love any of these items. You can’t go wrong with a designer fragrance, comfy pajamas or gourmet truffles. You’re welcome 😉

Gifts for Your BFF or “Galentine”
Your bestie needs some lovin’ too! Treat her to something funny to let her know that she’s not alone with Valentine’s Day. Then, buy two tickets to see Fifty Shades Darker and you’re all set. I’ll see you at the movies.

Thank me later for all of the extra love your about to receive after gifting one of these gems.

Down in the DM

No, this isn’t a post about Yo Gotti’s song “Down in the DM.” It’s actually another advice column for my aspiring blogger babes. I’m here to let you know that it ACTUALLY does go down in the DM.

I’m specifically referring to Instagram direct message. And NO, creeps aren’t the only ones sliding in your DMs. Brands are too!

Believe it or not, bloggers/social influencers are constantly in contact with one another via DM. Since many of us basically spend all of our time on Instagram anyway, this is a great way to reach one another. Here, we share support for one another, collaborate, discuss upcoming events and the list goes on.

For those of you that are just starting out, I’d recommend utilizing the direct message feature when trying to work with new brands. All you have to do is go to the brands page and shoot them a note. Be sure to tell them a bit about yourself and the type of collaboration you’re looking for. I also generally ask if there’s a press email I could contact. For me, this has proven to be a very successful way to collaborate with new brands. Many times, I’ll reach out or vice versa.

All in all, don’t let direct messages scare you. Instead, embrace them! I promise you’ll find this is an amazing networking tool.

Give Your Hair the Protection it Deserves

I’ll admit it. For a while I used little to no product on my hair. Since blogging and working in beauty PR, I’ve come to learn that our hair is much like our skin. The more moisture and vitamins we give it, the more it becomes hydrated and strong.

Now knowing this, I try to use products that help my hair be the healthiest it can.  Today, I’m writing to let you know of a new brand that I discovered that is aiding me in having strong/healthy hair – ZOTOS Professional 180Pro line. The entire line helps to protect my hair from all of the heat I put on it daily (c’mon we all know I don’t just #WakeUpLikeThis).

I’ve included some information on my favorite products from the line below. Ps. all of the products are safe for you color-treated gals like me!

Polish Protector Leave in Styling Cream: This must-have instantly conditions detangles and radically repairs heat-damaged hair. Plus, it helps lock out heat to help prevent damage before it even starts.

Heath Rescue Conditioner: This life-savor helps lock out heat to help prevent damage before it starts. It deeply conditions and radically repairs heat-damaged hair.

Heat Rescue Shampoo: Like the conditioner, the shampoo also helps lock out heat to help prevent damage before it starts. It gently cleanses and radically repairs heat-damaged hair.

Flat Iron Barrier Thermal Protection Spray: This protection spray surrounds strands to radically repair heat-damaged hair. All you have to do is spritz it onto clean, damp or dry hair before any exposure to heat styling, especially flat ironing.

I can’t wait for you to check them out and let me know what you think! Cheers to healthy hair.


Get My Entire Look for Under $200!

The name of this post says it all! Yes, you can really get this look for under $200 (minus the shoes that are a few years old from French Connection). That’s the glory of H&M! For this look, I paired some higher end items (like my booties and Lululemon gym/work tote) with some lower end pieces (like my pants, scarf and sweatshirt top). This is one of my favorite things to do when throwing looks together. The mix of high/low items always creates a perfectly balanced outfit. Plus, this just proves that you don’t always need to spend big bucks to get a killer pair of leather pants.

Shop the items here!