Ruffles, Stripes & Pops of Color

Ruffles, Stripes & Pops of Color



I saw this skirt featured on Bloomingdales Spring Edit and needed to have it! I searched online and was so sad to realize it was sold out. Luckily, I was able to snag it in store. For those of you that are interested in it, but unable to find it in store, I linked to a few VERY similar versions by the same brand above. Now you can still mimic the exact same look!

I really loved the way this skirt was paired online, so I mimicked the look with some items I already had like nude heels, a tailored white button down and fun accessories such as tassel earrings and a clutch. Ps. how darn cute is this initialed clutch? It also comes in a satchel and tote bag form – also linked above.

If you like this look, you’re in luck because you will for sure continue to see tassel, stripe and ruffle EVERYTHING as we transition from spring to summer. This trend is here to stay all season long.

Move over Rosé, it’s all about Frosé this Season!

Move over Rosé, it’s all about Frosé this Season!

I don’t know when “Rosé Season” officially begins, but for me, it starts the second the temperature outside hits 80. Considering the weather’s been beautiful this week, I want to formerly say happy drinking ya’ll!

At the risk of not sounding like an alcoholic, there’s just so many reasons I love rosé. It just reminds me of summer, friends and warmer times. While it’s perfect in its natural form, there’s a new and improved version that’s straight up next level. Enter, frosé. Yes, frozen-rosé.

If you want to be fancy, by all means make it yourself. See the tutorial below:

OR, if you’re like me and just want to cut to the chase and soak in the ambiance of a beautiful restaurant, you can enjoy frosé at various locations around New York City. Below, find my list of top places around NYC to sip on some frosé.

Bar Primi
I could be wrong for saying this, but I consider Bar Primi the originator of frosé. The hot spot was the first place that I started seeing this fruity and fun beverage pop up. Now, it’s hard to miss it while scrolling your Instagram feed during the summer months.

What’s up, Wednesday? Photo credit: @ekillin211 #froséallday

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Extra Fancy
Frosé isn’t the only frozen beverage this gem serves. In fact, you can enjoy an assortment of delicious drinks, all while grabbing some good eats. How can you go wrong?

Generally known for it’s food, Toro is a NYC fav. However, don’t look past the frosé selection. No summertime meal is complete without the perfect paired beverage.

Yes way frozé 💁#sundayspecial

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Gansevoort Park
This place is conveniently around the corner from where I live, hehe. Not only is the space beautiful, but there’s a rooftop bar! Soak in the sun and sip on some deliciousness.


Get My Look: Silk Jogger Pants

Get My Look: Silk Jogger Pants


These silky smooth joggers are a freakin’ dream. Yes, they’re as comfortable as they look, plus the lightweight material is perfect for this transitional time of year. You can dress them up or down, but as you can see, I went with the dressing-down option. I just couldn’t resist pairing them with my ivory loafers, as the slit allows for the best peekaboo shoe moment.

If you’re opting for the casual-chic look, pair these pants with a killer heel (these would look sick) and a silk button down bloused (tucked in of course).

Shop my entire look below:

My Look from my Fab Fit Fun Takeover!

My Look from my Fab Fit Fun Takeover!

I took over FabFitFun’s Snapchat and got to show a little “behind the scenes” look at my Saturday. From getting ready to picking out my outfit – I showed the entire process. I started off the day at a delicious brunch at a placed called BoCaphe in Soho, then ended up at a rooftop bar in Brooklyn. Then, called it an early night.

After an action-packed day, it was time to reflect and link to all of the items I showcased. So low and behold, my outfit details below!

Hair Tutorial: Curling Your Hair With A Straightening Iron

Hair Tutorial: Curling Your Hair With A Straightening Iron

It’s finally here! My first ever hair tutorial!!! I’m seriously so happy because this is just the beginning of a whole lot more of video content.

As background, I have naturally CURLY hair – I’m talking tight ringlets and I’ve been experimenting with hair for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is around the age of 3, when I would play “hairdresser” and style my grandmas hair. I would take this small round brush and curl inch-wide pieces around it, while perfectly shaping and fluffing it. The funny part was, she LOVED the end result every time – so much so that this became a regular thing we would do together. Because of this, I dreamt of being a hairdresser for most of my adolescence.

As I grew up and got older I started experimenting on my own hair. I’ll never forget the hideous do’ I wore to my 8th grade “prom.” I left my hair curly, but straightened just the ends. What can I say? This was the era of Christina Aguilera. During high school is really when I started to nail my hair game. After watching my hairdresser curl my hair once, I went home and mimicked the process. Ever since, I’ve experimented with just about EVERY tool out there – from straightening irons to curling irons to wands to wavers and beyond. I even bought a hair tool from an infomercial once. Plus, I taught all five of my college roommates how to curly their hair with multiple hair tools.

As you can see, styling my hair isn’t just something I “have to do,” it’s something I enjoy doing and LOVE teaching. So thank you for watching and I’m excited to keep on goin’. As you’ll see in this video, I’m using my T3 SinglePass Luxe 1″ Straightening and Styling Iron, which I can’t live without! Before getting this gem, I had been using my same straightening iron since college and while it worked fine, technology has changed so much. This straightening iron is worth the investment, as it’s is quick and effective.

The other products I used throughout my video are from Zoto Professionals 180PRO line. These products are amazing. Since this process puts so much heat on your hair, you want to make sure you’re using products that take care of it and protect it from damage. My favorite is the 180PRO Miracle Repair Damage Eliminator Treatment, which targets hair’s worst breaking points and locks in strength to radically repair hair and safeguard strands against future damage. And lastly, I finish of my look with the 180PRO Flawless Finisher Firm Hold Hairspray. 

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment with any questions or requests.