What You May Not Know About Gut Health

New Year, new products to try and new obstacles to tackle!

Like most, I’m trying to be more health conscious in 2017. That’s why I’m so excited to have come across Silver Fern Brand, which has a unique approach to weight loss and healthy eating. The brand focuses on understanding that gut health has a huge influence on our metabolism and weight. Something you’ve never thought about, right? Me either! Well, until now.

As we all know, losing weight is very difficult, and keeping it off is even more difficult until gut health is restored. The unique program is a combination of products that include high fiber and clinically proven probiotic strains (very different than most probiotics on the market). The combo of probiotics and plenty of fiber are the key to restoring gut health, boosting metabolism and making weight loss easy. Other gut health benefits? Better digestion, nutrition absorption and an improved mood! Sign me up.

That said, I want to share a little bit more about each of the products I received! Read about each in detail below.

Ultimate Probiotic Supplement: Whether you are interested in gut repair, transforming a dysfunctional immune system, digestion support, immune support, or healthy bowel, the Ultimate Probiotic is right for you. Silver Fern Brand’s probiotic supplement is unlike any other on the market and I was amazed to read how different is actually is (see for yourself here).

Wai – Probiotic Drink Mixes: We all know that water consumption is key to weightless, but it can get boring from time to time. That’s why I was excited to try Wai drink mixes, which enhance your liquid intake with clean and natural ingredients. Wai is loaded with a powerful probiotic blend and the drink mixes are guaranteed to persist through your digestive track and stimulate your digestive health.

German Chocolate Brownie: Let’s be real, even health nuts love dessert! This brownie mix is moist and rich bwith an astonishing 2 net carbs per serving. It’s also gluten free and contains natural ingredients that sustain you with 5 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and 0 grams of sugar. 

70% Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds: These are a favorite of mine for sure! Chocolate has always been a diet no-no…until now. The 70% Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds were created by award winning chocolatier Art Pollard and are absolutely incredible. Full of fiber, protein, prebiotics and probiotics, these are the perfect treat for any diet.

Kai Meal Shake – 2 Pound Canister – Plant Protein: I love a good meal replacement shake – it’s easy and delicious. But the Kai Meal Cinnamon Swirl flavored one is next level. It’s the ultimate craving crusher, protein maximizer and superfood blend supplement on the market. It offers 4X better protein absorption than other comparable products which provides more amino acids for building lean muscle and supporting muscle recovery.

So what do you think? The program works as a standalone weight loss approach, but is actually designed to complement any existing diet plan to make it easier. I love it because I just incorporate the various “treats” into my everyday life/diet. Check out their website, which is SUPER informative for more information.

Know Yo’ Worth

Where are all my #boss business ladies at?!

For those of you, like me, who run your own side hustle – it’s time to listen on up. I’m here to tell you to stop getting taken advantage of! Yup, you’re reading this right.

For starters, it’s important to understand just how damn much you do and how much your expertise is worth. Unlike a fully staffed company, often times we’re doing it ALL. We’re the CEO, CFO, social media manager, public relations specialist, coordinator, photographer, web designer and the list goes on.

When you have your own business, you have to defend it. That means speaking up when needed, learning to negotiate, and watching your own back to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of.

This doesn’t mean you need to get paid for every single thing you promote because that’s just not realistic, but at the same time, you need to make sure that the relationship between yourself and the brand is mutually beneficial. I’m here to empower you to know your worth. Below, find some mock scenarios and my tips for (tastefully) speaking up.

Scenario: Your followers/engagement numbers have dramatically gone up, but you’re still getting paid the same amount.
Advice: It’s time to say something. Kindly inform the person you’ve been working with by saying something along the lines of, “I’m so happy to continue working together. However, please know that my following has greatly grown since we initially started working together, causing my rates to go up. Below, please find my revised rates and let me know of any questions!”

Scenario: A brand offers you product to shoot, but asks for you to return it afterwards. You’re also not getting paid for this.
Advice: This just isn’t fair to you. Why are you going to take the time to promote them for free for nothing in return? I’d say something along the lines of, “Thank you for your interest in collaborating. Might you have some incremental budget for a sponsored post since I’ll have to return the items? I’d love to work with your brand, but want to make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial for us both!”

Scenario: A brand wants you to take professionally shot photos, but the fee their offering you is less than the fee of your photographer.
This happens a lot! In this instance, honesty is key. I’d say, “I’m more than happy to work with a photographer to capture these images, however, unfortunately my photographer fee is higher than the price you’re offering. Do you have someone in house you can provide? If not, is there any flexibility on the fee for the campaign?”

That’s all folks. Have any more questions that aren’t answered above? Sound off below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

2017: My Promise to You

Believe it or not, writing personal posts are sometimes my favorite posts to read back. Although they are the hardest to write, they’re the most rewarding and somehow force you to get in touch with your inner self. As such, I’ve decided to be more open and “pull back the curtain” a bit more in 2017. This is my promise to you.

I want to talk about hard-hitting topics and share more content than ever before. So low and behold my blog/social resolutions and promise for 2017:

  • Communicate more via video (Instagram Stories, YouTube, etc.). I want to do more tutorials, so stay tuned! I’d also love to hear what YOU want to see. So please do let me know below in the comments or on my Instagram photos!
  • Be more open and touch on “real” topics
  • Double in size. As of today (1/6/17) I’m currently at 21.6K Instagram followers and 10.5K blog views per month. By this time next year, I’d like to see those numbers double. So please help me in spreading awareness about my pages with your friends/family!
  • Get a full time intern and/or assistant (if you’re interested HMU)
  • Tap into my inner-publicist a bit more. As most of you know, I work in PR full time and I really need to put all these years of experience into practice by pitching myself for interviews and features. If you have a blog and spotlight influencers, I’d love to work with you!
  • Work with my dream brands (I’m going to keep these to myself, but just know you’ll see me working with a few of them – I’m a go-getter after all)

Fashion Hack: Style it with Sneakers

The days of styling your outfit with sneakers are back. And no, I’m not talking about New Balance dad sneaks (paired with creepy sweatpants). I’m talking about fun, funky and sleek sneaks, like these all-black Prada’s I’m pictured in.

I found these babies online and immediately new they’d be my new shoe staple. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Adidas Classics (my old shoe staple), but they tend to be on the chunkier slide. Plus, everyone has them! These sleek beauties are just the perfect temporary replacement.

In fact, this entire look sums up my go-to weekend style. I love to mix causal pieces together for a daytime look that is both cute and practical. Living in the city, my outfit needs to be versatile, comfortable and comfy. Since I walk mostly everywhere, I can’t be bothered with uncomfortable shoes.

You can shop my look below. P.S. this fun and fuzzy coat is only $49.99!

Beauty Report: Skin Laundry Laser & Light Facial

I need to be honest here…. I’m really inconsistent when it comes to using products or keeping good tabs on my skin. Luckily for me, I think i’m so lax because I’ve never had problem-skin. But now that I’m getting “older” (UGH!), I’ve noticed a change in my skin for sure and with that, I want to find a routine that works for me. No one wants damn wrinkles and I’m definitely not getting Botox anytime soon. My solve? Skin Laundry! (Ps. Before you read on, I want to share that you can get your first time free).

My coworkers RAVE about Skin Laundry, telling me how they’ve seen such excellent results in only a month or so. I decided to give it a go and had the BEST first time experience ever. I was a little nervous because they use a “laser and light” method and as I’m sure you know, laser’s are known to hurt. However, I have to say that pain was really mild and more so tickled than it did hurt.

What I was most impressed with was how the staff and technicians were so qualified and informative. Since I work in beauty PR full time, I’m used to working with skin scientists and I have to say, my experience was nothing but a positive one. The treatment itself only took about 10-15 minutes and immediately following my skin had the “Skin Laundry Glow.” It still does!

My biggest problem areas are my nose and chin, where I tend to get blackheads and I’ve noticed that tons of them have disappeared (yay!). With one service under my belt, I’m excited for 5 more. Stay tuned, I’ll be doing a little “before and after” post. In the meantime, check them out here to find a location near you!

In the meantime, shop the amazing Skin Laundry products below: