How to Prep for Holiday Party Season

How to Prep for Holiday Party Season

It’s holiday party season and I’m sharing tips and product recommendations to help you prep for your next night out! First, let’s start with the beauty routine.

I love to prep my skin before I begin makeup application and lately I’ve been really into exfoliating my face since it tends to get really dry in the winter. I’ve been using the Primal Life Facial Kit, Quiver Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, along with face wash to rid of dead skin, help with fine lines/wrinkles and to tighten and tone. Quiver’s sonic vibrations stimulate your facial muscles and help increase collagen production- leaving your skin looking lifted, more awake, incredibly beautiful and wonderfully balanced- 100% naturally. (Ps: use this code PLOBOXX17 for 20% off a future purchase!)

Now that my face is washed, I move on to grooming to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. I’d recommend using Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper to achieve perfectly-shaped eyebrows. It’s super easy to use and the SlimTip Precision Applicator is filled with a natural, non-heat formula that washes away with water. Seriously the quickest and easiest way to do touch-ups at home.

Ok, so now that my eyebrows are looking fierce, it’s time for makeup. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Whoosh Beauty Fold Out Face palette, which is an entire beauty bag that fits in the palm of your hand, including universally flattering eye shadows, flawless complexion coverage, dark and light contouring powders, cool and warm blushes. Plus, it even has a must-have highlighter. I’m obsessed because this palette is literally a one-stop shop for all of your makeup  needs. (Ps: Use code: BB15OFF for 15% off your Woosh Beauty purchase!)

Now that you’re looking fabulous, fix up your hair in loose waves and spray on some perfume in your pulse points
(wrists, neck, décolletage). I’ve been loving Paris Hilton’s new feminine fragrance, ROSÉ RUSH Paris Hilton. It floral and rose petal notes, lychee, papaya and amber.

Lastly, pick out an outfit that you know will turn heads. I love to wear something simple (either black or red), with one statement piece. I’ve been especially loving my Vince Camuto “Chelsea” boots lately (yes, they’re leopard)! They have triangular panels of goring, a rounded almond toe and a matching pull tab.

Now you’re ready to go!

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The Victoria’s Secret Model Makeover: Tips & Tricks

The Victoria’s Secret Model Makeover: Tips & Tricks

Disclaimer: a 5’3 girl is writing this post

Tonight is the night – the 2017 VS Fashion Show will air featuring a bevy of toned models with legs for days and perfect beachy-wavy hairdos. Everyone will criticize the models, but really we just want to be them (at least I do).

Unfortunately for me, I can’t grow 7+ inches overnight, but what I can do (and you can too) is mimic the same look at home. We all know beauty comes from within, but nothing is a bigger confidence booster than knowing you look and owning it.

Let’s start with the hair and makeup. VS is famous for their signature beachy-wavy hair look. Last year, they partnered with Beachwaver to provide the hair tools and styling for the show (I’m not sure if they’re partnering with them again this year). And let me just tell you, this hair tool seriously makes curling your hair look like a walk in the park. See the below video.

So to me, this is a must-have. Plus, if you consider yourself someone who isn’t very good at styling hair, this thing looks FOOL proof. I’m ordering one now… You can get your own by clicking the photo below.

Next up is makeup. You’ve probably noticed that the models don’t wear anything too heavy or thick. Makeup is generally kept very natural and “glowy” looking. As such, I’d recommend sticking with these essentials: a highlighting palette (to use as your highlight and eye shadow), a colored in brow (not too heavy!), a sweep of blush and a nude lip. I’ve linked to some of my favorite and go-to products below in each of these categories.

Now onto the wardrobe essentials. Nothing makes me feel like more of a VS Angel than my pink silk robe. Real talk – I wanted a robe for my photographs so I ordered this one off of Amazon for $14.99. This taught me that you really don’t need to spend a lot for something so simple because it looks just as nice as an expensive robe. Plus, I can’t even explain how much use I’ve gotten out of this thing… I wear it when I’m getting ready and have shot in it multiple times.

Lastly, all angels need one final thing – a good push up bra. Let’s face it, there is no way those models have big boobs because literally nothing on them is big. This is where Victoria Secret hit the jackpot by creating a bra that literally gives anyone cleavage – the Bombshell Bra, which is touted to “add two cup sizes”.  Fortunately for me, I don’t need help in this department, but for those of you that do – this this WORKS. I know because I’ve had friends wear it.

That’s a wrap! I hope this tips inspired you to unleash your inner-angel. I don’t expect you to try these tips tonight (it is a Tuesday after all), but you better order everything in time to spice up your weekend a bit!





Holiday cheer is in the air and I am feeling giving!!!

As a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful, loyal and supportive followers, I want to give back to YOU this holiday season. I appreciate all of you more than words can say, so I reached out to some of my favorite brands to provide awesome products for this giveaway. You’re always watching me unbox items and now it is YOUR TURN!

I am giving ONE LUCKY FOLLOWER 30+ products, which retail for more than a $1,000+ value! Check out my latest Instagram post for details on how to enter to win.

In the meantime, browse the items I’m giving away below and GOOD LUCK!

Hair Tips from one of NYC’s Top Stylists: Going Darker for Fall/Winter

Hair Tips from one of NYC’s Top Stylists: Going Darker for Fall/Winter

Happy fall ya’ll! Ok, I’m not southern, but sometimes I’m just so tempted to say that…. Anyway – let’s talk about my hair! Have you noticed I’m darker? After four years of balayage I was feeling like a change was on the horizon. Plus, fall/winter is the best time of year to go darker.

If you’ve been following me, you know I don’t do anything with my hair without consulting my creative colorist/stylist, Tre Wyrosdick. And as the thought of going darker continued to present itself in my thoughts, I knew I had to do it. As such, I gathered some inspo images and broke the news to Tre, who was on board from the jump.

I brought an image of Marianna Hewitt into the salon because she is literally #goals (I also think I’ve mentioned her 900 million times in my posts) and we got started! What I liked about Marianna’s hair was that it was dark, with lighter brown throughout. The thought of going one color scared me because I know once the spring/summer rolls around I’ll be itching to go light again.

If you’re thinking about going darker, I think you’ll find the below Q&A with Tre really helpful. Ps: Say I sent you to receive 15% off your first salon service.


Q: I switched things up on you this time and surprised you with wanting to go a bit darker for fall/winter. What was your initial reaction?
Alyssa, I was so excited when you told me you were ready for a change! You know I love where your color has been living with the lighter bronde shade, which can over time leave ends feeling dry for darker brunettes.

Q: I love my new color – it’s dark (like my natural shade), but we left some lighter pieces throughout. Why was this the best option?
A: Even though we decided to take to you to a darker place, closer to your natural color, it would look a bit unnatural for it to be monochromatic. Longer hair always [needs] dimension. I used Wella Color Touch, a gentle demi-permanent color that gradually fades over time. It adds lots of shine and conditions the hair. Since all color fades over time it is a better, more gentle option for going darker for a season. Allowing the color to fade means when you are ready to go lighter in spring we will not have to damage hair lifting through permanent color.

Q: For those that are looking to darken their hair for the winter, can you explain some of the benefits?
A: Going darker in fall in wonderful for just giving your hair a break from the highlights, which can dry out the hair. Think of winter as the time to condition and add shine with deeper, richer shades of your current color or try something more daring since it will fade out! Since it is dryer time of year and the climate is rough, a weekly at home treatment with a mask will help to keep hair manageable and keep color shiny.

Q: Lastly, what’s the upkeep for maintaining this shade throughout the next few months?
A: To maintain this color Alyssa, I recommend getting a glossing service in salon every six weeks. It only takes about 15 minutes and maintains the richness and shine of color. We use Kerastase Fusio Dose treatments to seal in color in 5 minutes to add extra shine and hold for color. Color saving shampoo and conditioner, hair mask treatments at least twice a month and extending time between shampoos can really help extend the life of color. Dry shampoo might become your BFF.

TUTORIAL: Old Hollywood Glam Curls

TUTORIAL: Old Hollywood Glam Curls

Are you wanting to switch up your ‘do? How about trying something reminiscent of the ’40s? Nothing is more glamorous than old Hollywood glam curls and I’ve figured out a quick & easy way to achieve the look. Check out my tutorial below, plus my step by step instructions.

  1. Section off your hair
  2. Starting with the bottom layer, use a wand (the smaller wand, the tighter curl) to curl your hair away from your face
  3. Before moving to the top layer of your hair, be sure to part it in a deep side part (on whichever side your prefer)
  4. Continue curling the top section of your hair away from your face
  5. When you get to the front of your hair near your face, section off a 3-4 inch patch  on the side with more hair
  6. Separate this portion of hair into smaller sections (I did two as seen in the video) and curl your hair inward and towards your face
  7. As you remove the curling iron, keep your hair into a curl and secure it with a bobby-pin
  8. Continue until the entire section is done, bobby-pinning it down along the way
  9. Grab hairspray (I swear by this hairspray) and set the look
  10. Continue on with your routine while the curls sit pinned up (do your makeup, watch some TV, etc.)
  11. Around 15-30 minutes later, unpin your front pieces and use your hands to smooth out the curls
  12. Finish off your look with some hairspray & you’re ready to go!

Do you find this helpful? Still have some questions? Let me know by commenting below and I’d be happy to answer them. Would love to see before and after photos if you’re trying this!