How to Master the “Casual & Chic” Fashion Formula

My favorite kinds of outfits are the ones that are just thrown together, yet feel super comfortable and somehow end up looking chic at the same time. For some people, mix matching items isn’t always super easy, but I promise you, once you nail the “casual & chic” fashion formula you’ll never look back.

So what’s the formula? I like to think of it like this: Heels or Booties + Casual Pants or a Dress + a fun Accessory (Hat, Earrings, Bag) = Casual & Chic Style. Simple!

Take the outfit pictured above for example. The morning before my shoot I couldn’t figure out what to pair with my favorite Kat Maconie heels. Since the shoes already have so much detail, I didn’t want an outfit that did, too.  As such, I decided to throw on a mini t-shirt dress and blue hat to complete the look. As a last touch, I tied my denim GAP coat around my waist to give my look some added character.

Try it out for yourself! I linked to some items below that can help you nail this fashion formula.

Ruffles, Stripes & Pops of Color



I saw this skirt featured on Bloomingdales Spring Edit and needed to have it! I searched online and was so sad to realize it was sold out. Luckily, I was able to snag it in store. For those of you that are interested in it, but unable to find it in store, I linked to a few VERY similar versions by the same brand above. Now you can still mimic the exact same look!

I really loved the way this skirt was paired online, so I mimicked the look with some items I already had like nude heels, a tailored white button down and fun accessories such as tassel earrings and a clutch. Ps. how darn cute is this initialed clutch? It also comes in a satchel and tote bag form – also linked above.

If you like this look, you’re in luck because you will for sure continue to see tassel, stripe and ruffle EVERYTHING as we transition from spring to summer. This trend is here to stay all season long.

Get My Look: Silk Jogger Pants


These silky smooth joggers are a freakin’ dream. Yes, they’re as comfortable as they look, plus the lightweight material is perfect for this transitional time of year. You can dress them up or down, but as you can see, I went with the dressing-down option. I just couldn’t resist pairing them with my ivory loafers, as the slit allows for the best peekaboo shoe moment.

If you’re opting for the casual-chic look, pair these pants with a killer heel (these would look sick) and a silk button down bloused (tucked in of course).

Shop my entire look below:

My Look from my Fab Fit Fun Takeover!

I took over FabFitFun’s Snapchat and got to show a little “behind the scenes” look at my Saturday. From getting ready to picking out my outfit – I showed the entire process. I started off the day at a delicious brunch at a placed called BoCaphe in Soho, then ended up at a rooftop bar in Brooklyn. Then, called it an early night.

After an action-packed day, it was time to reflect and link to all of the items I showcased. So low and behold, my outfit details below!

Why are Millennials Obsessed with this Color?

You’ve seen it all over your Instagram feed. You’ve seen it walk down the red carpet at major award shows. You’ve seen it at your favorite cafés or matcha shops. Hell, you’ve even worn it. But the one thing you may not know is why “millennial pink,” as The New York Times is calling it, is the biggest thing right now.

The thought of bubble gum, or worse, neon pink used to make me literally cringe. For years and years I refused to wear such a thing. In fact, I threw out everything in my closet that even resembled the lovey-dovey color. Fast forward to 2017 and half of my wardrobe is shades of pink. In fact, my wardrobe has been this way since 2016. Usually I’m used to a “color of the year” sweeping in and making its mark, but something is different about this trend – it’s here to stay.

As such, some of the worlds most respected fashion bloggers like Marianna Hewitt revolve their Instagram feeds and websites around shades of blush and soft pink. Even brands like Glossier are choosing to launch campaigns designed around this very same theme.  The question of “why?” still remains.

According to The New York Times, they seem to think the answer is as simple as the fact that, “the color keeps on selling product.” Not only that, but in this social-media obsessed world we live in, the color “happens to be both flattering and generally pleasing to the eye,” according to Editor Lauren Schwartzberg. I couldn’t agree more.

We’re also in an interesting moment of time where both women and men aren’t afraid to break outside of cultural norms by wearing a color that has been perceived as gender-specific for years. So as spring continues and summer nears, don’t be surprised if you see this trend on everyone and everywhere.

For those of you that haven’t hopped on the bandwagon just yet (or for those of you that are so obsessed that you just want MORE), you can shop some of my favorite “millennial pink” items below, plus the look that I’m wearing in the pictured photos. Enjoy!

My Look
As you can see, for this look, it’s all about the “millennial pink” accessories, rather than a full-pink outfit. From my earrings to my heels to my purse to the flowers, all of my accessories bring this trend to life.

Home Decor
From fluffy pillows to lush blankets and beautiful candles, you can’t go wrong. Below, show some of my all time favorite millennial pink decor items. Perfect for a small apartment or girly makeup room.

Women’s Fashion
I’ve pulled together some looks ranging from comfy t-shirts to fun dresses that all embody the essence of blush pink. Click around below to shop your favorite styles.

Men’s Fashion
A man in pink is a confident man. There’s no better time than the spring/summer to wear vibrant and bright colors, especially on items like swim trunks or collard shirts.