Upgrade Your Look With These Accessories (All Under $15) + My Camo Sweatsuit

Are you ever wearing a killer outfit, but still just notice something is missing? Sometimes it isn’t about what you’re wearing, but how you style it. A small (and cheap) accessory can go a longggg way and totally up the look of your outfit.

I love accessorizing because it’s an opportunity to express yourself. Take these rose gold frames for example – I don’t have prescription glasses, but it’s still fund to “pretend” for the  day. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite accessories, all under $15 with you! Click the photos below to purchase.

I’m not done yet… You can also snag my new favorite (and comfiest) camo sweatsuit for $22.00. Yes, I know, I almost passed out when I heard the price too. And yes, that price is for the top AND bottom. Get it HERE.

Get Rachel Lindsay’s ‘After the Final Rose’ Jumper for Less!

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa and all, but can we just talk about Rachel Lindsay’s jumper?! That black, plunging one-piece was an absolute SHOW STOPPER. I immediately went on a hunt to find it  (because I need to have it) and it turns out that it’s Jovani. It retails at around $400 and comes in multiple colors, but I had to find it for less. So  low and behold…. Rachel Lindsay’s After the Final Rose Jumper for less!

NYFW Recap: February 2017

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone.

To be honest, February Fashion Week is just never the same as September Fashion week in my opinion. Maybe it has to do with the cold NYC weather or maybe it’s just “how it is.” Who knows! Either way, I just wasn’t super into it this time around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to shows and seeing such beautiful collections from the worlds most talented designers. I love attending events as a blogger and seeing my industry friends that have become some of my favorite humans. I love connecting with brand rep’s and photographers from all over the world. It’s never short of amazing, but sometimes you just need a night in, a big ol’ glass of wine and comfy shoes.

That’s why I choose to be selective with what I attend. I don’t feel the need to go everywhere just to post it on social media and come across “cool.” If I’m tired, I stay in. If I’m feeling social, I go out. I don’t ever go to something because I feel like I need to. I go because I want to!

Until next time….

Get My Look: Pretty in Pink

You guys know I  love a good monochromatic look. That’s why I was thrilled to find that my shirt and coat perfectly matched when I got both in the mail. I paired my pink top/coat with light tan skinny pants (my mom picked them up from Macy’s a while back) and pinkish/nude lace up heels I ordered online. All in all, this look is super affordable (under $200 all in), comfortable and chic!

You can shop all of the items below!

Get My Look: Long Denim Coat & OTK Boots

I received so many questions about this long denim coat, so want to take the time to link to some similar items! I saw this beaut in the Zara window and bought it on a whim. Like everything else at Zara, items sell out super fast, so I was unable to link the exact one, but did my best to find similar options! To get this look, all you need to do is buy a plain tshirt dress and pair it with some OTK boots and denim jacket.

Get the look here: