Make Something Egg-cellent for Your Loved One this Valentine’s Day


Know the way to your loved one’s heart this Valentine’s Day – through their stomach. Nothing says I love you more than breakfast in bed. Follow the below step-by-step instructions to recreate this egg-cellent breakfast that will make hearts explode.

1. Lightly toast a piece of bread

2. Remove from the toaster, let cool, and cut a heart-shaped hole through the center with a sharp knife

3. Carefully remove the heart-shaped piece of bread from the middle without loosing the shape

4. Grease a skillet and lay the piece of toast in the center, letting the pan get hot

5. Carefully crack an egg without breaking the yolk into the center of the piece of bread

6. Cook on medium-low heat, covering occasionally to let the white of the egg cook through until done

7. Remove carefully with a spatula, plate, sprinkle chili flakes to taste and serve!

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Roundup: NYC’s Best Avocado Toast

Like many, I consider myself an avocado toast aficionado, traveling great lengths around Manhattan to hunt down the best of the best. Find a list of my top 5 favorites below, in no particular order. DISCLOSURE: Your stomach will be growling and mouth watering by the end of this post.

BlankSlateBlank Slate | Coffee + Kitchen: I was pleasantly surprised when this new cafe and marketplace opened up next to my apartment, with the Avocado Toast quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It’s garnished with chili honey, smoked salt and served on country bread with the option to be served gluten free. (121 Madison Avenue at 30th Street) LittleCollins Little Collins NYC: ‘The Smash’ from Australian eatery Little Collins is a dream with avocado and feta mash on toast with chili flakes and pepitas. I order mine to-go during lunch break with a fried egg on top. (667 Lexington Ave)MartaMarta:  One of my first times ordering avocado toast out was at Marta and it’s been a favorite ever since. Served on whole grain toast with chili flakes and olio verde. (29 East 29th Street)TheCoffeeShopThe Coffee Shop: I always order the “Avocado Smash” when I go to The Coffee Shop in Union Square. It’s served on toasted multigrain bread (although I always opt for gluten free toast) with goat cheese & tomato-basil concasse. I add the poached egg for an extra dollar. (29 Union Square)
EggShopEgg Shop:  The ‘Avo & Egg’ from the Egg Shop is delicious with heirloom tomato and sea salt garnishes. All sandwiches are available on gluten free English muffins. (151 Elizabeth Street)

Hope you enjoyed!

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